Why Do Marketers Need to Have a Good Mailing List?

Whether you’ve just started your business, or have been running it for a while, you will want to know all the things you can do to expand your business and make it better.

 Amongst the best advice you can find easily on the internet, one of the most significant tips you can come across is the mailing list building. If you are an avid online marketer, you’ll agree that having an email list can be a great start.

Why is it so important then?

Well, let me propose to you with the statistics from the Direct Marketing Association. Did you know that there are 4300% ROI for businesses in the US, thanks to email marketing?

I know, it is an insane number, right?

If you want to know the reason, it is simple to understand it. People who have certain interests will click on the link that is relevant. So, only people who are interested in your information will likely join with your mailing list. That’s why it is more potential to convert your mailing list member into sales.

Email is direct and personal

The email you send to your mailing list members will land into the inbox. The users will read the messages sent to their mail. you won’t need to deal with the Google ranking system, or else. There is no system that can intervene in your reach. It is pretty simple. Ones who are in your mailing list will get your information.

Mailing list is your niche pool

People who fill the opt-in and join with your mailing list want to hear more from you. They are willing to do so because they are in your niche pool. Therefore, they are more receptive and acceptive to your email content than other strangers.

The users who have shown their interests to your niche will stick to your emails. This is called segmentation. Mailing list can really help you to create the market segment.

The ultimate corresponding

Email is a one-on-one means of communication. When you send your mails to your mailing list, you will create a personal connection with them. The more prevalent content you provide to them, the more trust and relationship you will gain from them.

You can control your mailing list

Yes, it is true. It is all about control. It is so different from social media. Perhaps you have some followers in your Twitter. You probably think that this is where you will get more. but you have no control.  Twitter or other social media networks can easily change everything which might hinder you from pitching. In fact, social sites like Facebook might bury your message down with the feeds and their ads. In the mailing list, on the contrary, 100% of your message will reach your audiences’ inboxes.

Email subscribers usually lead to sales

The statistics showed that email is four times more effective than social media.

There is a huge difference when you send a message to your mailing list with PM-ing your followers in Facebook messengers. Mailing list has a 20%-70% open rate. Meanwhile, Facebook only has 5%.

It is because there are less competing messages in the feed.

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