Tips For Using Mail Rentals

Mail rental lists are the commercially available lists that have the email addresses of the relevant mailing groups. Although it must be admitted that not all mailing lists are effective in delivering the results but some common criterion to evaluate the lists are one of the ways of finding value for the customer most of the time.

  1. Determine the use

It is rare to come across the single use mailer lists, most people who do take to using email lists do so with the aim of having multiple campaigns run on the same lists. Thus it would be worthwhile if the customer negotiates properly with the list compiler to know how much of a use the person intends to put it to.

For instance if a house is taken on a rental scheme, it does not mean that the person can still live in the premise even after the month’s rental is over with. The tenant has to make the payment for the second and subsequent rentals to be able to use if further for longer periods.

Mailing lists rentals are similar in approach to this concept most of the time and those desirous of using the lists longer and more frequently must be prepared to meet the additional costs in each case.

  1. Getting hold of the right list

There would be little purpose served in having hold of a mailing list that does not have the relevant groups. For instance, if the person is selling vegetables, there is little to be had in getting hold of the mailing lists that has but meat consumers in it. This would create a total mismatch of the field and there is nothing to be had in continuing with the said mailer lists.

Sometimes it is possible to find ambidextrous mailing lists; the best situation is to make sure that people that have just the relevant need of the lists are allowed to use them. This ensures that the customer is provided with the most value for the money spent on hiring out a list.

  1. Using the right printer

This point would be relevant to those that rely on actual physical mail out of flyers and promotional material. Most of the rentals lists provide a set of excel sheets with the relevant data. Most modern postal systems use a combination of bar codes to reach the package to the final destination. Hence it would be advisable to have invested in a proper laser printer and a costly one as per the requirements.

  1. Pick the response lists

By the term response lists, it is the group collection of people that have been responsive to feelers by the companies. This differs from an enquiry list in that the people in such lists need not have positively responded to the enquiries. The second type can be further built to meet the specific needs but never as a dependant stand alone mailer list as far as possible.…

Sources Of Mailing Lists

Direct marketing is never complete without having to access email lists to send out information. Here it is the integrity of the mailer lists that more or less determines the success of the email campaigns.  There are some common sources of getting or creating mailer lists and they have been discussed in the brief below.

Mailing lists by the trade associations

Most industry bodies have active trade associations and one of the major activities of the associations is to have a directory established of the members. As a corollary, it is possible to have the mailing lists of the people who are members of the said associations or groups.  One of the strong points of such groups is that it is possible to have one of the most authentic of lists possible.

In real life, it is possible that different industry bodies such as Gold Coast Tree Lopping need to interact with one another and the directories and mailer lists are one good source of pitching to one another in each case.

Mailing lists by brokers

Since any direct marketing activity has to do with the mailing lists, it is possible to find brokers who deal in mailing lists. These individuals compile the lists from different sources and compute it into a whole standard collection depending on the area of interest and what is on offer in each case.

There is no harm in relying on a broker to provide with the email lists, but care must be taken to ensure the authenticity of the lists. Often the brokers in a mad rush to fill in the requisite number of entries to a list often enter in information that is extraneous or irrelevant most of the times.

Catalogues of mailing lists

Some of the brokers dealing in mailing lists are so huge that they use catalogues to lay out what is relevant to other members of the groups. These are typically called catalogue lists and can be effective to a large extent. Of the non-user generated mailing lists, the catalogue lists are the least reliable ones to be had and for good reason too. Most catalogue compilers are ruthless in their approach that often a personal touch is lacking in such folks.

CD lists

Quite commonly it is possible to find large lists of email addresses all compiled onto CDs or DVDs and provided to the clients. The main presentation of the email addresses is usually as banks of excel sheets and no more. Most of the folks who do use the CD lists of this nature do so by just copy pasting the entries most of the time. It is one of the low tech operations and finds success due to the fact that it costs very little to execute it.

The competition

It is possible to have a good and effective mailer lists by tapping into the competition that exists at a place or industry. Often the very dynamics of the situation is such that in case the lists are smuggled out, they tend to be one of the most relevant and one that provides with the most response as well.…